About Us

Coastal Plains High School is Southeast Georgia’s answer to the dropout problem. We offer a unique opportunity to any student who wishes to earn an accredited Georgia High School Diploma.

Coastal Plains High School (CPHS) educates two types of students:
(1) Program students- students who must be registered at their high school and approved by their high school to attend CPHS (students who are under the age of 18; and students who are 18 and older and are not considered dropouts); and
(2) Students who enroll directly with CPHS (Students who are 18 and older and have previously dropped out of school).

We have 16 locations across the south Georgia region offering a full range of high school courses in a convenient, flexible, self-paced format. All classes are held in the evening so students can work during the day and attend school at night. Tuition is 100% FREE for traditional students who enroll with Coastal Plains full time.

All courses are mastery-based which means students cannot fail a course. While students may work at their own pace, they should engage in their online coursework on a regular basis each week. Assistance is available from certified teachers to ensure courses are completed in a timely manner. To better meet the different learning styles of students, Coastal Plains offers a variety of course formats including textbook and web-based instruction. All methods provide self-paced, individualized mastery learning.

Central Office
Coastal Plains High School
1111 Glynco Parkway Suite 500 
Brunswick, GA 31525

Phone: 912-267-9700



Coastal Plains CNA Meetings:
Glynn: March 12, 2024 @6:3p
Liberty: March 21, 2024 @5:00p
Candler: March 28, 2024 @6:00p
Lowndes: March 28, 2024 @6:00p

Glynn County Farm Bureau has scholarship funds available for the 2024-2025 school year. Applications are due by March 15, 2024. Click here for requirements or the application.

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