About Us

Coastal Plains High School is Southeast Georgia’s answer to the dropout problem. We offer a unique opportunity to any student who wishes to earn an accredited Georgia High School Diploma.

Coastal Plains offers numerous opportunities for students:
(1) Program- students must be registered at their high school and approved to attend CPHS (students who are under the age of 18; or students who are 18 and over but do not have a dropout end status; (2) Credit Recovery- students have to be approved by their day school to take one or two courses for credit recovery. There is an associated cost to participate; and (3) Traditional- students who enroll directly with CPHS (Students who are 18 and older AND have a dropout end status from the last school attended) are eligible to enroll directly with CPHS.

We have 16 locations across the south Georgia region offering a full range of high school courses in a convenient, flexible, self-paced format. All classes are held in the evening so students can work during the day and attend school at night. Tuition is 100% FREE for traditional students who enroll with Coastal Plains full time.

All courses are mastery-based which means students cannot fail a course. While students may work at their own pace, they should engage in their online coursework on a regular basis each week. Assistance is available from certified teachers to ensure courses are completed in a timely manner. To better meet the different learning styles of students, Coastal Plains offers a variety of course formats including textbook and web-based instruction. All methods provide self-paced, individualized mastery learning.

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Central Office
Coastal Plains High School
1111 Glynco Parkway Suite 500 
Brunswick, GA 31525
Phone: 912-267-9700

Central Office Hours: 9am-4pm Mon-Thurs

Site Hours: 4pm-8pm Mon-Thurs
Site Summer Hours: 4pm-7pm Mon-Thurs



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