Richard RenzMr. Richard Rentz, Coastal Plains High School Superintendent, is excited to be able to combine 41 years in education to open Coastal Plains. Mr. Rentz has served as teacher, assistant principal in high school, principal of several middle schools, and as an assistant superintendent in the areas of north and southeast Georgia, over the past 41 years. Mr. Rentz has been active in local, State and National educational organizations. He has held leadership positions at all levels.

Mr. Rentz has established relationships in the partner districts that will enhance the success of Coastal Plains. Over 34 years of administrative experience will be beneficial to the development of Coastal Plains, and obtaining the goals of establishing a charter school. Mr. Rentz has experience in managing classrooms, schools and the district office.

Mr. Richard Rentz is married to Debbie, also a retired Special Educational teacher, and administrator. They have four daughters; one being an ordained Presbyterian minister, three who are educators, and four grand-daughter and three grandsons

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