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Welcome to Coastal Plains Education Charter High School

We are excited about opening Coastal Plains Education Charter High School. Many people have been working very hard to create this new state charter school in Georgia. The two most important things that will occur in Spring 2017 is hiring excellent staff and locating students to be served by Coastal Plains when we open in August 2017.

Coastal Plains Education Charter High School is not like any other schooling experience you may have had as a student or as a staff member. Below are a few tips that will make your employment search more productive:

  • Review the job descriptions to get a better understanding of job expectations 

  • Review the Coastal Plains Education Charter High School charter petition to familiarize yourself with the school plans (www.coastalplainscharter.org) 

  • Determine where you would like to be considered for employment (you can apply to more than one location): Business Operations Department (Candler County Board of Education), Candler County (Candler County Board of Education), Glynn County (Risley Annex), Long County (Long County Middle School), Lowndes County (Parker Mathis Learning Center), Vidalia (Southeastern Early College and Career Academy), and Wayne County (Thomas P. James Building).  

  • All jobs are part-time with the exception of the registrar. There is one Regional head registrar (Candler County) and six site-based registrars located in Candler, Glynn, Long, Lowndes, Vidalia, and Wayne. Typically hours are 10:00 am – 9:00 pm, Mon-Thurs 

  • Retired and full-time candidates are encouraged to apply. The best sites have a combination of both types of educators. TRS retirement employment rules apply. 

  • Most teachers, counselors, site-directors, graduation coaches, and TEAM (mentor) coordinators work no more than two nights a week, Monday-Thursday, 4:00-9:00  

  • Site Directors and Registrars will start March 2017 

  • Student Services Director, Curriculum Director, Instructional Technology Director, Technology Specialist, and the Head Registrar will start March 2017 

  • Teachers, counselors, social workers, graduation coaches, testing coordinator, receptionists, mentors, TEAM (mentor) coordinators will start August 2017; Tutors, October 2017 

  • Site-based Technology Coordinators will start July 2017 (these positions are determined by each school district’s Technology Department)

You will certainly have many more questions about the program. Please feel free to write me, Ricky Rentz: richard.rentz@coastalplainscharter.org . We have contracted with the Candler County School District to serve as the business operations department for Coastal Plains. As we transition from Foothills to Coastal Plains please contact Maureen Berryman (Maureen.berryman@foothillscharter.org) and Bonnie Knight (bonnie.knight@foothillscharter.org). They are the human resource contacts for your application. They are very happy to take your questions about the applications process. Please be patient with us as we work to hire the best staff possible and to find students who can best benefit from our work.

In anticipation,

Ricky Rentz,

Superintendent, Coastal Plains Education Charter High School

Thank you for your interest in a position with our school system. To view possible openings or to apply, please click the link below.

Employment Opportunities and Applications  COASTAL PLAINS EDUCATION CHARTER HIGH SCHOOL

The appropriate administrator will contact applicants selected to interview for openings. Please direct any questions to the Personnel Department.

Coastal Plains Education Charter High School is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate in employment on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, creed, national origin, age or disability.